Gasoline fuel. Part 1: Cleaning the nozzle

Some might say that the car was designed to stay dirty. Oil, pistons, exhaust system, brake box - everything gets dirty and yet continues to show about the same performance. However, there is one part of the engine that suffers significantly from pollution and loses its efficiency without proper care, namely - nozzles.

Dirty injectors can cause a number of problems and lead to severe performance losses. Let's take a look at such cases and how we can protect our car from them.

How to determine whether the nozzles are critically contaminated?

After some time of use, the injectors begin to accumulate the remains of fuel combustion in the engine. Gasoline and diesel fuel are both made from petroleum, which is not the "cleanest" compound in the world and their combustion is always accompanied by significant emissions and sediment.

If these residues accumulate, the engine begins to burn fuel less efficiently and may even have difficulties with fuel transportation.

Here are the most common symptoms of clogged car injectors:

  • A large number of emissions, which can be noticed after the results of the technical inspection.
  • Reduced productivity engine with more fuel circulation.
  • Ignition problems. It can also be knocking and strange sounds when starting the engine.
  • Sharpness and unpredictability in the operation of the car

Шляхи очищення форсунок

Ми розглянемо три найвідоміші варіанти очищення:

  1. Розбирання форсунки і очищення ультразвуком
  2. Розбирання деяких частин форсунки та очищення стиснутим повітрям
  3. Очищення форсунки за допомогою присадок

Методи які потребують розбирання форсунки, не можуть бути виконані без втручання спеціаліста. Не лише тому, що потребують певних знань, але і тому, що для них необхідне професійне обладнання.

Звісно, є певні інструменти для аматорів, проте, вони можуть бути вимогливими і незручними для більшості водіїв. А також, є ризик пошкоджень.

Професійне очищення форсунок без зусиль

If you would like to take care of your car, but do not want to get dirty, we offer you: Ultimax Petrol.

One serving is enough  Ultimax Petrol before refueling. Then drive about 30 kilometers at high speeds. And that's it... You will immediately see the result.

If after that you still have the desire to comprehensively and prematurely take care of the engine injectors, we offer you the following solutions:

  1. Our Complex Petrol when used twice a year, it prevents any malfunctions. The best for keeping the engine running in good condition.
  2. If your car is often under load, or you have constant problems with injectors due to (poor production of parts, low-grade fuel...or something) then we recommend our  Petrol Multi Conditioner.

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Sources: George Peneff

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