Octane Boosters: The Miracle Secret of Super Fast Cars

If you own a car, you want it to perform at its best. Every motorist would like to get the most out of his car. Part of keeping your vehicle running smoothly is a healthy engine that delivers optimal performance.

What is Octane Number?

Octane is the result of the process used to crack crude oil. Thanks to this process, hydrocarbon chains of various lengths can be obtained. These chains can be split and combined to create fuel. Octane has eight hydrocarbon chains and is well suited for the compression that actually occurs inside the engine.

Gasoline has different octane numbers. These numbers indicate how much fuel can be compressed before it ignites—the lower the number, the less pressure needed to ignite the fuel.

One of the mechanisms in the engine is called stroke. The engine compresses air and fuel before igniting it with a spark plug.

Octane boosters / Octane Booster

Octane enhancers are designed to increase the octane number of fuel, thereby increasing vehicle performance and fuel consumption.

Anti-detonation applications

Knocking is harmful to the engine. If the fuel is ignited in the engine by compression and not by the spark plug, knocking may occur. Additives in octane boosters solve this problem by protecting the engine and helping it run more efficiently.

Octane booster from Xenum

Xenum offers octane booster, which is suitable for all gasoline engines. It is a special additive with a formula that improves fuel combustion and overall engine performance. It was used by pilots on Marrakech Grand Prix 2019. Octane Booster from Xenum was so effective that our riders won awards in their respective categories! After seeing these results, many contestants also decided to use the products Xenum.

To improve the performance of your engine, try this incredible product or contact your local XENUM distributor and we will definitely recommend improving the performance of your car.

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