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    Xenum products

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    Innovative synthetic oils with ceramics, graphite and esters

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    Fully synthetic transmission oils for any type of tolerances and specifications

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    The best additives for the lubrication, fuel system, as well as for improving the performance of the radiator and cooling elements.

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    The XENUM company offers many solutions for service stations: premium quality lubricants and cleaners, equipment and sealants for professionals

    Xenum is a specialist in innovative synthetic oils and technical chemistry products.

    • Power increase
    • Increased fuel economy
    • Reduction of engine noise
    • Reduction of oil consumption

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    Xenum has developed a special technology for diesel additives called NEXGEN™. Our NEXGEN ™ fuel additives are based on nanoparticles of cerium oxide, a known oxidation catalyst that improves combustion in diesel engines.

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    Solid lubricants are able to provide improved lubrication at higher temperatures compared to traditional oil-based lubricants. Dry lubricants provide low friction due to their layered structure with weak bonds.

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    Cleanburn™ 2-Stroke

    CLEANBURN™ technology for two-stroke engines Xenum has developed a special series of two-stroke engine oils that provide maximum performance while protecting the engine and important components

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    Esther Oils

    The polarity of ether molecules (esters) varies from medium to very strong. This means that they have an electrostatic charge due to the presence of opposite charges. The polarity of the oil brings certain interesting properties:


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    XENUM products for the car

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