Updated In & Out Diesel '19

In continuation to the series of articles presenting the latter updating the Xenum product line, we are also pleased to announce the improvement of the quality of In & Out, recently renamed to In & Out Diesel.

An opportunity to improve the formula was found in the previous In & Out. All the former qualities remained, but the product in general became more powerful and will better clean diesel injection systems.

Updated In Out Diesel 19 | Xenum Ukraine
Updated In Out Diesel 19 | Xenum Ukraine

With this upgrade, you can expect the best performance from any diesel engine, even with the most advanced environmental technologies.

We've also updated the packaging to be able to effortlessly add the product to the latest fuel tanks, so you don't have to worry about that either

Learn more about it on the product page In & Out Diesel and find out why the best additive for cleaning DPF.

If you need consultation or advice about your car, contact the specialists of Xenum Ukraine.

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