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Premium ceramic oils for cars from XENUM (Series VRX)

Xenum ceramic oils for gasoline and diesel engines are presented in this category.

Series Xenum VRX (formerly WRX) – synthetic motor oils the latest generation of premium quality with a friction modifier on the base boron nitride (ceramic). These are the best motor oils currently on the market. The so-called ceramic oils - "thickness" have unsurpassed characteristics of engine protection, resistance to soot, and are also widely used in professional world motorsport. Ceramic oils XENUM have a characteristic white color. The viscosity range of ceramic oils according to SAE is: 5W30, 5W40, 7.5W40.

– Motor oil with ceramics XENUM VRX 5W30
– Motor oil with ceramics XENUM VRX 5W40
– Motor oil with ceramics XENUM VRX 7.5W40

Motor oils with ceramics are a unique combination of high-tech additives with boron nitride in the best synthetic base that guarantees the best results.
Ceramic oils are a solution for professionals, racers and demanding motorists who would like to get the most out of their car.
Ceramic microparticles, sticking to the walls of the engine, effectively dissipate heat and smooth the friction surfaces, significantly reducing the coefficient of friction and aging of parts. Microceramics are safe for FAP filters and Low SAPS, and practically no deposits remain in the engine, which prevents it from overheating. As a result, the elasticity of engine operation increases and fuel consumption decreases.

Buy premium professional oils with ceramics XENUM for gasoline engines, you can wholesale online and retail on the website from an official representative XENUM in Ukraine - companies DanAuto and our partners throughout the country (Vinnytsia, Lutsk, Dnipro, Donetsk, Zhytomyr, Uzhhorod, Zaporizhzhia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv, Kirovohrad, Luhansk, Lviv, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Poltava, Rivne, Sumy, Ternopil, Kharkiv, Kherson, Khmelnytskyi, Cherkasy, Chernihiv, Chernivtsi...)

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