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About the company 1 | The power of technology for your car

Why Xenum?

XENUM is high-quality oils and technological additives for professionals. Xenum products are designed for cars, boats, motorcycles and heavy vehicles. Founded in 2005, the company is growing rapidly in a very competitive market. Not easy, but ... what sets Xenum apart from the competition?


  • A leading Belgian company that develops new generation lubricants for the automotive industry and other industries; 
  • An ambitious team that takes on a challenge and delivers unique technical results.


  • Bring the car to perfection, optimizing expenses for operation and maintenance;
  • Provide new, reliable and profitable business prospects for automotive and industrial professionals;
  • To make a significant contribution to the global struggle for ecology and the search for a better solution to energy saving. completed


  • Through high-tech innovations and unsurpassed product quality; 
  • A friendly team of professionals and adaptive management.


  • Scientific and professional experience accumulated over decades, success in the automotive industry and motor sports; 
  • Continuous scientific research activity.

The owner of Xenum is Mr. Tossyn, who worked for 21 years in the oil companies BP, Dakkems, and Marly. In the latter, he worked for more than 10 years, including as a managing director. In 2004, he created a new Xenum brand. The goal of the new company was the production of the world's best additives and lubricants.

About the company 2 | The power of technology for your car


Xenum are experts at what they do, love cars, motorcycles, boats and anything that moves fast. The company's passion and know-how lead to the development and creation of the best products that technology has to offer today. Xenum cooperates with leading laboratories around the world. The best experts in each field were involved in the research. Xenum constantly monitors the market and trends, but does not forget about the urgent needs of customers around the world. All suggestions, comments and ideas are carefully noted. If there is an opportunity to improve the product, it will be done. It is this approach that allows the company to withstand the competition and show better and better results.

About the company 3 | The power of technology for your car


A Xenum product is not just a product; it is also a certain style and idea. Fast and refined cars always look better, impress and remember. That's why Xenum products not only perform better, but they also look like a winner.

Effective and innovative networking, events, media engagement and distribution support - this is how the Xenum product finds automotive enthusiasts and professionals.

The word must spread!


Xenum products are High Tech developments; therefore, our customer may need support in using it. Not to mention partners who also need to explain this to the client. By using a quality product, you allow engines and machines to improve performance, save energy (fuel) and increase reliability and durability. Xenum offers our distributors, customers and partners the support and service they need at any time.


Xenum is actively involved in the development of oils and additives in collaboration with various teams. This is another proof of the productivity and reliability of the company and its products. Your car's engine will receive the benefits of a sports supercar. 



Where to buy Xenum products?



      Serflon (patented technology) is a PTFE (Teflon) molecule reinforced with Boron Nitride nanocrystals. Ceramic microparticles (0.25 μm) are poured into the structure of PTFE. And this significantly increases the strength and general lubricating and anti-wear qualities of the new product. Serflon particles dissolved in high-quality synthetic oil, which prevents them from sticking together. According to its properties, Serflon surpasses both the original products, both PTFE and Boron Nitride.

      Boron Nitride

      Ceramic particles or Boron Nitride (BN) are dissolved in ester oil, the highest quality synthetic oil available today. The particles have an extremely small size (0.25 μm), the ions do not stick together and do not clog the filters. The ceramic particles used in VX500 and Ceramic Oil reduce friction and wear of the friction surfaces. Also, they have unique high-temperature properties, which makes it possible to preserve the working characteristics of lubricants and greases under extreme loads. As a result, power increases, fuel consumption and exhaust gas toxicity decrease, and wear decreases, especially when starting the engine from cold. These products are especially effective when working in extreme conditions, including in motor sports, as well as in industry.


      Carbon-graphite technology is a solution of graphite microparticles (1μm) in oil. Graphite in oil creates a stable film that practically eliminates direct contact of friction surfaces, thus reducing wear and improving hydrodynamic lubrication. Fuel consumption and harmful emissions into the atmosphere are reduced, power is increased and the life of the mechanisms is increased. Cold start is facilitated and heat dissipation is improved in all modes.


      ♦ This is a synergy (combination of properties) of carbon-graphite dispersion and a liquid polarized solution of molybdenum disulfide complex.
      ♦ Reduction of wear and friction force similar to carbon-graphite technology, but molybdenum disulfide solution increases resistance to loads.


      ♦ Xenum products are manufactured in Holland, at the De-Oliebron plant, one of the oldest and most experienced enterprises in this industry (1891-2011).

      ♦ Highly qualified staff, ISO-9001:2000 and ISO-9001:2004 certificates.

      ♦ The independent analytical laboratory is equipped according to the highest international quality standard

      Innovative products of the highest quality

      Since its inception, Xenum has strived to create innovative products. In 2012, after many years of work, we introduced the I-Flux cleaning system, which received an innovation award at Automechanika Madrid.

      Our commitment to innovation and providing first class products is constant throughout. This was highlighted in 2019 when our Nexgen coating made it to the finals of the "Grand Prix de l'Innovation" at the Equipauto show in Paris.

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