The flip side of increasing the fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness of cars was the mass appearance of such units in them as turbochargers, exhaust gas recirculation systems, catalytic converters and particulate filters. And any unit sooner or later requires maintenance. Which is not bad for a car service in principle - an additional opportunity for earning appears.

Some inventors are fighting over the creation of "absolute fuel" for cars. And others, at the same time, are busy with an equally important issue - the development of the perfect oil. And, it seems, on the way to creating absolute oil, the successes are still more significant. We were able to verify this thanks to a meeting at the "Automechanika Istanbul 2015" exhibition with Peter Tossin - the owner and manager of the XENUM company.

The XENUM company has developed a completely new line of ATF fluids. Among the novelties are lubricants for modern gearboxes: automatic and robotic, including those with a slip lock-up system. There are lubricants with Mercedes-Benz tolerances, for gearboxes with a double clutch, as well as for gearboxes of the CVT type in Asian brands. After some time, the old ATF lubricants will be replaced by these new products.

Every year, cars equipped with an automatic transmission are gaining more and more popularity. And the point is not that many young drivers do not have dexterity in handling mechanics. Even experienced drivers switch to the "automatic" so as not to pull the handle in traffic jams.

Xenum AT-FLUX is the equipment that makes it possible to wash, replace and refill gearbox oils using a new automatic method. Everything happens with less effort and without spilling oils. The device is serially connected to the additional hose of the gearbox system and allows ATP oil to pass through the mechanisms.

The next step

As the progress in automobile motor construction and the increase in load on internal combustion piston engines increased, the requirements for lubricants also increased. Mineral bases were replaced by hydrocracking and various synthetic technologies. However, the search for the ideal oil continues. And today, technology based on polyalkyne glycols (PAG) has been implemented for internal combustion engines, which have the most outstanding characteristics at the moment and are environmentally friendly at the same time.

Maniac oil

Belgian Peter Tossin is the owner of Xenum, which sells automotive oils and lubricants. Expensive and unusual: one engine oil is black, like "work", the other is similar in color to condensed milk... - I'm a maniac - Peter begins the conversation without exception. - I want to make not just butter, but the best butter.

Xenum. Oil delicacy

If you have a 2-3-year-old "Korean" mass model in the garage or parking lot, then, as a rule, there is no need to think about the brand (and especially the viscosity!) of the oil poured into it.

Esters in oil

Both car owners and many car service workers have heard about ester oils, but rarely can someone correctly explain what it is. Moreover, some firmly believe in the usefulness and irreplaceability of ester-based oils, others consider it another marketing ploy. Let's try to figure it out...

XENUM. Oil for those who love cars

Sellers of motor oils assure the quality of their products. But not everyone is ready for an open experiment that should confirm this. The company "DAN AUTO", an exclusive distributor of oils, additives and auto chemicals of the Belgian brand Xenum, easily agreed to the proposal of the editors to test their oil in the Subaru Forester engine.

The charms of sliding

With the spread and availability of nanotechnology, unique chemical materials are increasingly used in lubricants. In the autoExpert magazine No. 12-2013, we gave a fairly complete description of the composition and characteristics of universal lubricants for car service, and today we will talk about some advanced developments based on polymers in automotive lubricants and special products for car service.

Chemotherapy for diesel

The advantages of diesel engines are known as well as their disadvantages. More economical due to increased efficiency, they are more complex and expensive due to the features of their design. Of course, paying less at gas stations is nice. However, this barrel of honey also has its own spoonful of tar: if only the diesel starts to malfunction even a little, as soon as an alarm arises, it is not the injection pump or the injectors.

The battle for greenery

Despite all their advantages, modern transport engines have one serious drawback, for which they cannot be blamed. You can't because nothing in the world is perfect. In the production of energy, the presence of harmful consequences for the environment cannot be eliminated. And since the most common source of mechanical energy on Earth is the internal combustion engine, then it is necessary to do something with the engines first of all, so that the harm due to their extraordinary prevalence does not outweigh the benefits.