Cleanburn™ technology for 2-stroke engines

Xenum has developed a special series of 2-stroke oils capable of extreme performance while keeping your engine and its vital components such as valves, pistons and combustion chamber clean.

Piston Cleaning | Xenum Ukraine

Left: piston using Xenum Cleanburn ™ oil XR2.
Right: piston using market leading synthetic 2-stroke oil.

These possibilities are made possible by the introduction of a series of additives called Cleanburn™, combined with essential oils.

Our XR2 and X-ICE2 oils perform better and cleaner in the most extreme conditions.

Valve cleaning | Xenum Ukraine

Left: valve cleaned using conductive synthetic oil.
Case: valve cleaned using Xenum Cleanburn ™ XR2 oil.

This technology can be found in Xenum products and get the best results and efficiency for your car.

Cleanburn™ technology is present in the following products Xenum:

Source: Cameron Niemela

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