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Team Joachim Wagemans wins the TER2 series

Joachim Wagemans won his second consecutive trophy in the TER2 series.


The 24-year-old Belgian driver has raced a Peugeot 208 R2 as well as an R5 in the last 2 races. He had the chance to ensure the overall high level of the team in 2018 and to prepare the spectators for the final stage, at the Rallye International du Valais.

The season gives us great images and experiences, made possible in part by Xenum and Joachim's support team.

The R2 and R5 had our graphite oil Xenum GPR 10W60 with a high-quality synthetic base. For transmission, they relied on Xenum XT-PRO 75W140 LS, designed specifically for the extreme demands of motorsport.

In everyday work with the car, various Xenum products were also used: Clean Cleaner PRO XXXL, Deblock Shock, Multi Clean, C1200 +

We wish Joachim success and victory in the next stages!

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