Motor oils with esters

What is special about motor oils with esters?

Esters (sterile esters) are a synthetic product that can be part of up to 3 types of base oils:

  • HYDRO CRACKED BASE (HC)Hydrocracking base: is not a completely synthetic product, since to a greater extent it is mineral oil, which has undergone certain processing to obtain the desired properties of synthetic oils. Such oils have a high lubrication coefficient, but are more volatile than PAO.
  • POLY ALPHA OLEFINS (PAO)PolyAlphaOlefins: the most famous and most popular base in synthetic and semi-synthetic oils. It has very good resistance to high temperatures and low volatility.
  • ESTHER OILSESTERS: in the composition of base oils make them the best for use. They easily cope with standard tasks and ensure the best performance of motor oils, even in difficult operating conditions.

Comparison table of 3 types of base oils:

BasisDetergent propertiesSolidification temperatureStability
to oxidation
PAO *■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■□□□


Polarity ether molecules (esters) ranges from medium to very high strong. This means that they have an electrostatic charge due to the presence of opposite charges. Polarity olive oil has certain interesting properties:


Polarity causes attraction of ester molecules to positively charged metal surfaces. As a result, molecules are attracted to the surface of the metal, creating rack film and stick to her like a magnet.

This results in a strong and stable film that provides excellent lubrication, lowers energy consumption (fuel) and increases duration of high-quality engine operation.


The polarity of ester molecules attracts them to each other. Therefore intermolecular attraction it takes much more energy (temperature) to break the intermolecular bond to reach the gaseous state. As a result, oil will retain viscosity at high temperatures. In addition, there will be reduced number losses oils by evaporation.

Esther Oliva | Xenum Ukraine
Esther Oliva | Xenum Ukraine


The polarity of esters also makes them good solvents. This allows the esters to dissolve and disperse impurities, such as oil combustion residues, by-products that may remain as deposits slag and sediments. These properties lead to more pure exploitation, and therefore a clean engine and gearbox.

Esters and compounds based on them are used in the following Xenum products:

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