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Semi-synthetic oils (4)

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Olives with graphite (3)

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Hybrid synthetic motor oil XENUM SEMIX 5W40

400 грн1 800 грн
1 liter
5 liters

Motor PAG oil with esters XENUM XPG 5W30

672 грн2 615 грн
1 liter
4 liters

Motor PAG oil with esters XENUM XPG 5W40

703 грн2 735 грн
1 liter
4 liters

Motor oil with graphite XENUM GP 10W40

550 грн10 000 грн
1 liter
5 liters
20 liters

Motor oil with esters XENUM X1 5W30 Ester Hybrid

550 грн2 550 грн
1 liter
5 liters

Motor oil with esters XENUM X1 5W40

580 грн2 650 грн
1 liter
5 liters

XENUM premium motor oils 

On our official website, you can conveniently buy Xenum motor oils with fast delivery across Ukraine.
Motor oils are XENUM innovation in the field of automotive oils. Thanks to the latest synthetic base, they are absolute leaders in the field of high-temperature stability. Oils have the lowest rates of sludge and soot formation in the engine, radically reduce engine oil consumption and reduce wear of parts. The XENUM assortment includes the best oils in combination with esters, graphite, and ceramics. The series of engine oils from XENUM reliably protects your engine from wear and damage.
Among the entire assortment, the following types of oils are especially popular and have a huge number of positive reviews:

– Motor oils with a viscosity of 5W30, 5W40
– Ceramic oils of the VRX series (formerly known as WRX) with a viscosity of 7.5W40
– Ester oils of the Xenum X1 series
– Motor oils with graphite (GP, GPX, GPR)
– Xenum Nippon Runner high mileage car oils
– Xenum XPG polyalkylene glycol synthetic motor oils

You can buy XENUM oils for diesel and gasoline engines online wholesale and retail on the website from the official representative of XENUM in Ukraine - DanAuto company and our partners throughout the country (Vinnytsia, Lutsk, Dnipro, Donetsk, Zhytomyr, Uzhgorod, Zaporizhia )

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