ATFX 200 additive becomes ATFX 375

Automatic transmission is becoming increasingly popular among drivers. In addition, the oil capacity in automatic transmissions increases. Also, more and more transmission oil changes are done with equipment like ours AT – Flux. For these reasons, we have not stopped research and updated our product XENUM ATFX 200 to the new version of ATFX 375. The value 375 indicates an increased volume of the substance in the package, which was also used for the older version.

When our ATFX 200 hit the market, automatic transmissions were around 4L, now they go up to 10L. For this reason, we consider it expedient to increase the volume and efficiency of the products.

Until now, we have always offered this product in tubes to allow for easy addition of the product to the transmission. Because ATF is now commonly added through the equipment, special packaging is no longer required. We offer a 150 ml syringe in the kit, which can be used to inject the supplement directly into the gear.

Our formula was also slightly adapted for current needs, but no major changes were necessary because our ATFX 200 has already achieved great results when used in modern transmissions.

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