The company Xenum is developing at an incredible pace

Xenum is growing!

Oil and additive specialist Xenum Techno-Chemicals is taking the business to the next level with the strategic acquisition and repositioning of Syntix Lubricants.

"This is a big step for Xenum," said Renaud Meyer, who has been the company's executive director in Belgium since January 2016. “We rebuilt the internal and external organization, adapted our products to the current and future market, optimized our marketing process in social networks and created new partnerships with national and international distributors. The sale of all our products is constantly and uninterruptedly growing.

New company offices

Xenum moved to a new headquarters on June 1, 2016 due to solid growth. All products in stock are ready for worldwide shipping from our 3,700 square meter warehouse and production center in Aartselaar, Belgium. Xenum is also increasing the development and production of its innovative and customized products for the specific needs of all its customers.

Professional sales team

Meyer was previously managing director of tire sales organization Tyrenet and CEO of Forté Noord-West Europa. "Cooperation with Xenum CEO Peter Tossyn is perfectly balanced. Peter focuses in particular on techno-chemical knowledge and experience regarding the future development of existing and new products. Instead, I focus on organization, sales and relationship management. After six months of cooperation, it reached a certain combination, which is expressed in the explosive expansion of our company in terms of development and sales.

Since January 2016, Xenum has released eight new products. Meyer says: “Peter now has enough time and opportunities to develop more innovative products that impact current problems and trials with internal combustion engines. All the people who work at Xenum and Syntix are a team of professionals - and this is definitely the reason for our success. We now also offer fuel and oil additives, lubricants, oils and equipment. Delivery and support is provided to 26 countries on three continents.

Intranet platforms, webshops and B2B websites

In order to sell our products well, according to Meyer, Xenum has provided its global importers and distributors with all the necessary tools. "Also, we deliver high quality at a competitive price," Meyer said. "Visually, everything should show us and our approach to work. That's why we have elegant packaging that attracts attention, and we support our products at all levels of sales and help the end consumer better understand its benefits and how he will benefit from using Xenum itself.

Xenum and Syntix customers recently gained access to updated communication platforms, social networks, web stores and B2B websites. "This is where our importers, distributors and technicians find all the information they need to understand 'first-hand' to sell not only the product, but the Syntix and Xenum vision."

Xenum is looking for new distributors

"We have a whole range of professional products and equipment for cleaning, protecting and maintaining vehicles," says Meyer. "At the moment, we already have a dense network of importers and distributors in the Netherlands and around the world. However, due to rapid growth, we are urgently looking for resellers and companies interested in the latest solutions and ready to provide our customers with the highest quality. They can count on profit, optimal support, reliable deliveries and work in a family company that is quickly becoming known in all corners of the planet."

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