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Engine / internal combustion engine — variety heat engine, in which the fuel mixture burns directly in the working chamber (within) of the engine. Combustion products form the working body. There is such an engine primary, chemical, and converts fuel combustion energy into mechanical work. There are a large number of different internal combustion engines, differing in purpose, by way of power delivery and other parameters.

Powerful and light, internal combustion engines made it possible to create types of transport that did not exist before (car, motorcycle, screw and jet aircraft, helicopter, a rocket, spaceship, gas turbine, hovercraft), to improve the efficiency and environmental friendliness of ship power plants and locomotives. Motorization led to the acceleration of the pace of people's lives, the emergence of a whole automobile culture (USA); in military affairs allowed the development of extremely destructive death machines (tank, destroyer, bomber, missiles with conventional and nuclear warheads, submarine with torpedoes and other).

Alternative family internal combustion engines has a separate fuel and working body, which necessitates a relatively slow transfer of combustion heat from combustion products to the working body - therefore, their specific power is much lower. Along with external combustion engines, internal combustion engines are widely used for electricity generation, used by electric motors and other consumers.


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