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Hybrid synthetic motor oil XENUM SEMIX 5W40

420 грн1 870 грн
1 liter
5 liters

Motor PAG oil with esters XENUM XPG 5W40

703 грн2 735 грн
1 liter
4 liters

Motor oil with graphite XENUM GP 10W40

600 грн11 000 грн
1 liter
20 liters

Motor oil with esters XENUM X1 5W40

580 грн2 650 грн
1 liter
5 liters

Oils approved for Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda VW 502.00

VW 502.00 approval for engine oils for gasoline engines with direct injection as well as increased effective power. The basic characteristics meet the requirements of the ASEAN A3 class. They are recommended for engines operated in difficult conditions, under increased loads. However, it is not recommended for cars with irregular and extended replacement intervals.

The VW 502 00 approval manufacturer is the Volkswagen company. Oils with this standard are produced in 16 countries of the world, namely - Italy, Germany, Belgium, South Korea, Japan, USA, Russia, Lithuania, France, Netherlands, Finland, Great Britain, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland. More than 64 manufacturers of motor and other oils are engaged in the production of oils that meet the VW 502 00 tolerance.

Oil tolerances from Volkswagen

Oil for gasoline engines. Successor to VW 501.01 and VW 500.00 specifications.

It is recommended for cars that are in difficult operating conditions. It should not be used for any engine with variable service intervals or requiring other tolerances.