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Motor PAG oil with esters XENUM XPG 5W30

672 грн2 615 грн
1 liter
4 liters

Motor oil with esters XENUM X1 5W40

580 грн2 650 грн
1 liter
5 liters

Oils with Mercedes-Benz MB 229.31 approval

The manufacturer of the MB 229.31 tolerance is the Mercedes-Benz company. Olives with this standard are produced in 11 countries of the world, namely South Korea, the Netherlands, Japan, Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Russia, and the USA. More than 43 manufacturers of motor and other oils are involved in the production of oils that meet the MB 229.31 standard.

Oil tolerances from Mercedes-Benz

Multi-purpose low SAPS motor oil recommended for both diesel and gasoline engines of Mercedes Benz, Smart and Chrysler. Only approved low-viscosity motor oils that can provide M111 (CEC L-54-T-96) fuel economy of 1.0% can receive this approval. In this test, fuel economy is compared with the characteristics of the reference oil RL 191 (SAE 15W-40). All-Season Engine Oil Low SPAsh (specification 229.31)

LA (low ash) type oils for passenger car and minibus engines equipped with particulate filter. In particular, recommended for W211 E200 CDI, E220 CDI. Minimum sulfate ash content (up to 0.8%). Admission was introduced in July 2003

Later, in 2004, the ACEA C3 class was developed on its basis.

A wide range of viscosity is allowed: 0W-30, 0W-40, 5W-30, 5W-40. Quality – ACEA C3. Available oils here.