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Oils with tolerance Chrysler ATF +3

Automatic transmission oils (ATF) and brake fluids, power steering fluids.

If you drain the motor oil from the engine, it will start and will even work for a while, but if you remove the working fluid from the automatic transmission (ACP), it will instantly become a useless set of complex mechanisms.

ATF fluids require higher viscosity, anti-friction, anti-oxidation, anti-wear and anti-foam properties than petroleum products for other units.

Since automatic transmissions include several completely different parts - a torque converter, a gear box, a complex control system - the spectrum of oil functions is very large: it lubricates, cools, protects against corrosion and wear, transmits torque and provides frictional injection. The average temperature of the oil in the crankcase of the automatic transmission is 80-90 C, and in hot weather during the urban driving cycle it can rise to 150 C