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Engine oil for turbocharged engines XENUM SEMIX 5W20 5l (2386005A)

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SKU: 2386005A

5 kg


10 × 20 × 20 cm


5 liters



Product type

Motor oils


 Cleaning injectors , Anti-corrosion , Antioxidation , Biodiesel , Biodiesel , For gasoline engines , For diesel engines , Fuel economy , Protective film , Engine wear protection , Less oil consumption , Stable viscosity index

Type of equipment


Type of oil base

Hybrid , Synthetic

SAE viscosity class


Engine type

Universal oils

API standard The classification of motor oils for cars and commercial vehicles is classified by the American Petroleum Institute (API). The classification certifies that the oil meets certain quality and performance standards. API certification is usually indicated on the product label or back label. The label contains two important pieces of information to determine if the motor oil is suitable for use in your vehicle.

SN , SN Plus , SN Plus Resource Conserving

ACEA approval ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association) has an oil rating system that you will find on the packaging of almost every oil on the market. ACEA motor oil specifications are designed to ensure that the oil can provide the necessary performance to meet the demands of today's engines. The specifications cover a range of properties such as viscosity, shear resistance (the ability to maintain viscosity and lubricating properties when two fluid layers move relative to each other at different speeds) and wear protection.


Country of manufacture


Manufacturer's tolerances (OEM) The approvals of car manufacturers indicate that the oil has received confirmation of conformity for the engines of certain car manufacturers.

Chrysler MS-6395 , GM DEXOS 1™ , GM DEXOS 2™ , ILSAC GF-5